Basic Facts About Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol test evaluations are conducted for a number of reasons. In particular, schools and companies use these tests as a requirement for admittance. Aside from that, there are also other instances where these tests are mandatory like when acquiring a driver’s license or when working overseas.

With the rising number of misconducts in schools and violence on the streets that resulted from drug or alcohol abuse, conducting such tests will definitely be of great help to easily screen those who require rehabilitation help. Additionally, performing random drug or alcohol testing in schools and companies will help to make these places a safer environment for everyone. Generally, these tests offer an efficient way of minimizing substance or alcohol abuse, thereby, reducing disturbances and rampage that may be directly or indirectly associated with the addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Basically, both tests are performed by getting the patient’s urine sample. However, there are also some that uses saliva and hair samples as their test specimen. During the collection of the urine specimen, the patients will be closely monitored by the test collectors to ensure that they will generate fresh urine samples while at the same time preventing sample swaps. There have been lots of incidences wherein drug addicts or alcohol users ask someone to provide a sample for them since they know that their urine specimen will definitely test positive for drugs or alcohol. So, to prevent this, drug and alcohol testing facilities designated a particular area where patients are carefully watched as they collect the urine specimen.

Today, the use of hair and saliva is becoming increasingly popular due to the accurate test results that they produce. Many believe that urine drug or alcohol testing can be easily compromised. But bear in mind that cheating or tampering with drug and alcohol test evaluations is absolutely a serious offense that has corresponding punishments and consequences!